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Can I be a pro-life feminist?

Do you feel like your desire to support women and the lives of the unborn are at odds? Media, Planned Parenthood and others have convinced us that the pro-life movement is against women.

But being pro-life is pro-woman.

You’re not alone. There are many feminists who advocate for women and for the right to life. 

Including some of the most famous feminist activists in history. Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and their organizations often opposed abortion as being against women. Feminists for Life today follows in their footsteps and argued that abortion is the result of women not having good choices.

Abortion is a symptom of not meeting the needs of women. 

When women cite their reasons for having an abortion, they reveal a list of reasons that usually comes down to a lack of resources and support.  When women often find themselves feeling like they don’t have a choice, we realize that the idea of abortion being pro-choice is a lie.

It isn’t women who feel empowered or free, it’s often women who feel pressured into an abortion, like they don’t have the ability to choose otherwise, and don’t understand the harm that an abortion may do to them.

Abortion Harms Women’s Mental and Emotional Health

Compared to women who have not had an abortion, there is an 81% increase in mental health problems for women who have had one. 10% of that can be attributed directly to the effects of the abortion.

Women who aborted their unplanned pregnancies have a 55% higher risk of mental health problems compared to women who gave birth.

In the largest study on abortion and mental health, Cambridge University found that women who have had abortions had (compared to women who gave birth):


34% higher rate of anxiety


37% higher rate of depression


110% higher rate of alcohol use/misuse


230% higher rate of marijuana use


155% higher rate of suicidal behavior


Pro-Life Protects Women

The feminist movement advocates for the rights and equality of women, and for pro-life activists, this includes girls in the womb. By advocating for life, we fight for these women to have the chance to grow up and enact change on the world. 

Historically, abortion and infanticide has disproportionatly targeted females. Today, this heartbreaking trend is still prevalent in parts of the world and is being noticed here in the US. Advocating for the right to life is to advocate for thousands of women that won’t get the chance to live otherwise.


Pro-Life empowers Women

When we talk to women who have had abortion, we usually hear “I didn’t feel like I had a choice,” or “no one asked me: what do you want to do?”

The abortion movement says that abortion is a choice.

We think that women need access and support to better choices and better care.

They say abortion is a right.

We say that ending a life is never right.

They say abortion brings hope.

We’ve seen woman after woman wrestle with enormous pain and regret after an abortion, pain that could’ve been avoided if they’d been given choices and support.

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Pro-woman Answers to Pro-Choice Questions

You don’t have to choose between supporting life or women.

It can feel like there’s no common ground in the abortion conversation.

But we believe that being pro-life is being pro-woman, and supporting life means supporting women – before birth and after.

 Download 9 pro-woman answers to pro-choice questions.

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Being Pro-Life in a Post Roe v. Wade World

After the supreme court overturned Roe v. Wade, the work of pro-life activists got even more important as abortion laws became determined state by state. In Colorado where Alternatives works, women began traveling from nearby states to receive a legal abortion. More women than ever before need access to support in order to be empowered to choose life.

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